A new exhibition: Jerzy Treutler. Graphic designer. Retrospective


Jerzy Treutler. Graphic designer. Retrospective

7 August 2020 - 15 November 2020

Format B1 Gallery

Poster Museum in Wilanów

Curator: Ewa Reeves


For the Central Film Distributor Treutler fulfilled commissions for a total of about 90 film posters, for the Central Art Exhibitions Office about 40 catalogues and dozens of posters for individual and collective exhibitions, and for the WAG Art and Graphics Publishing House (later the KAW National Publishing Agency) a significant number of posters for among other things sporting events and travel, as well as social issues. He belonged to a quite small group of graphic designers who carried out commissions for circus posters. JRT's posters covering a variety of topics – from political, through cultural events, to social issues – were entered in the regularly held competition for the Best Warsaw Poster, winning several monthly distinctions and the 1977 annual award for best motivational or social issue poster.