Sound Posters - a workshop at The Poster Remediated exhibition


Workshop for children from 6 – 10, educators: Anna Owsiany (Fundacja Grupa Twórcza), Magda Olasińska 

Please, to make sure that your child could take part in the workshop, subscribe to: molasinska@mnw.art.pl


Date: 4th of September 2016, 12 - 1.30 pm


Children have endless imagination and are very sensitive to different forms of music. Using their creativity and openness to the new ideas, the participants will make a sound installation in a form of poster. We will start the workshop by visiting The Poster Remediated exhibition and afterwards, using simple art materials we will create with children interactive posters which will be able to produce sound.

We invite children to workshop and parents to a guided tour by Mariusz Knorowski, the curator of the Poster Museum.

Ticket for adults - 11 PLN, children - 8 PLN. Workshop and guided tour included.